vuscreen alu
vuscreen alu | the reflecting

Vuscreen alu is a high-tech 100% polyester screen fabric utilising the reflective properties of aluminium particles which are woven into the yarn. Its 'see through' screen characteristics provide a lovely outlook whilst reducing the glare. Overall heat gain is reduced to a minimum thanks to the increased reflectivity of the aluminium pigmentation on both sides of the fabric. Available in 16 colours & suitable for select exterior window awnings.
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vuscreen alu - 100% polyester transparent screen fabric woven by shafts with aluminium pigmentation on both sides

  • fabric width - approx. 252cm
  • fabric thickness - approx. 0.85mm
  • weight per m2 - 350 grams
  • light fastness (ISO 105/B02) achieving a mark of 7-8 on the blue scale where 1=faulty and 8=very good
  • solar UV protective properties (EN 13758-1) - UPF 20+
  • max. tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 13934-1) - 3000 newtons (warp), 2800 newtons (weft) 
  • finish - Teflon with aluminium pigmentation on both sides, dirt & water repellant, permeable to air, weather & rot proof
  • Oko-tex Standard 100 - ACB; Test No. A96-0071; F1 Hohenstein

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