visutex | the exclusive

The Visutex Collection combines textured weaves in plains and stripes from the Sunvas and Sunsilk fabric range. This collection creates a unique design to complement your chosen colour pallete. The softer pallete colours of Sunvas and the more vibrant pastels of the sunsilk create a wide and varied choice of colours and designs.
Find all our different colours and patterns in the awning cover finder.


sunvas SNC - 100% polyester and swela nano clean

  • fabric width - 120cm
  • fabric weight - 310 grams/metre square
  • water pressure resistance - 35 millbars
  • very high colour fastness
  • ultraviolet protection factor(UPF) - 50+
  • tensile strength - 2200 newtons(warp), 1200 newtons(weft)
  • SNC finish - dirt & water-repellant finish, air-permeable, weather & rot proof
  • very high colour fastness
  • certificates - Oko-tex Standard 100s

Awning cover finder

sunshine yellow

energy orange

emotion red

elegant creme

nature green


harmony blue

exclusiveness grey-black

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