sunvas perla
sunvas perla | the impermeable

To complement the sunvas collection, markilux now offers sunvas perla with increased waterproofing. sunvas perla is a 100% polyester based fabric with a transparent acrylate coating on one side. 14 plain colours from the standard sunvas SNC range have been produced with the perla finish. sunvas perla also benefits from the nano clean effect of sunsilk snc whilst maintaining a textured traditional look.
Sunvas perla will protect you from the harsh Australian sun thanks to a UPF 50+ whilst maintaining its colour and strength with increased waterproofing to repel water and keep your outdoor living space dry.
Find all our different colours and patterns in the awning cover finder.
sunvas perla - 100% polyester linen weave 1/1 with transparent acrylate coating on one side

  • width - approx. 120cm
  • thickness - approx. 0.45mm
  • weight per m2 - 340 grams
  • light fastness (ISO 105/B02) achieving a mark of 7-8 on the blue scale where 1=faulty and 8=very good
  • solar UV protective properties (EN 13758-1) - UPF 50+ (excellent sun protection)
  • water column test (EN 20811) - 3000mm (equates to a column of 3m over 1sqm of fabric)
  • water repellency (AATCC-22-1985): value 90-100 (100 = very good / 0 = faulty)
  • max. tensile strength (DIN EN ISO 13934-1) - 2400 newtons (warp), 1300 newtons (weft)
  • finish - snc finish, dirt & water repellant, permeable to air, weather & rot proof
  • Oko-tex Standard 100 - ACB; Test No. A96-0071; F1 Hohenstein

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