Drop-Arm Cassette: markilux 730/830 -
markilux 730 / 830 | drop-arm

The markilux 730 and 830 with a square and round cassette respectively is a traditional looking drop-arm awning. Up to a pitch of 140° the awning can be stopped at any angle. For the best control over the elements, add light or create shade while still allowing for airflow through your window. Specially designed gas pistons in the drop arms ensure smooth operation and taut cover at all angles.







With a cassette measurements of 95 mm and 115 mm for the square and round versions respectively the units are remarkably compact. The drop-arm slightly extends when fully retracted to close the front bar right up to the headbox. Gas pistons in the drop-arms ensure smooth operation and a taut cover at all angles.


Available in a square (730) and round (830) version, various frame colours available. Various sensors make owning a markilux even more of a pleasure.


All covers from the current markilux fabric collection this includes all the folding arm awning and screen fabrics. Please check availability and sizes with your distributor or markilux.


Maximum width for a single unit: 700 cm.

Alternative sizes may be available. Please contact markilux for more information.


The markilux 730/830 drop-arm awning comes with a gearbox with winding handle as the standard operation type. Optionally a hard-wired motor is available, also available is a wireless motor with a markilux remote control.