Syncra: markilux syncra 2 flex  -
Location: anywhere.
Protection: generous.
Beauty: guaranteed.

The markilux syncra promises generous shading right where you need it. As a single unit up to 60 m²; as a coupled unit even larger areas are no problem. This free-standing awning literally stands on its own two feet, two round or square posts and a massive cross beam ensures extreme stability. Depending on the requirement, one or two folding arm awnings or pergola units can be attached.



 In the flex version the syncra uses two weighted stability boxes to create a frame off which an awning can be hung. The posts and cross beam are made from extruded aluminium and are powder coated in the same colour as your awning which gives the whole unit an amalgamated look.


The syncra is available in two distinct versions as a fixed and optionally as a flex version. In the fixed version the posts are bolted to a concrete foundation. If you decide to go with the flex version, two stabilisation boxes are delivered with the frame system in this version fixing to a foundation is not necessary. The support posts are available in round or square.


All covers from the current markilux fabric collection this includes all the folding arm awning and screen fabrics. Please check available sizes with your distributor or markilux.


Alternative sizes may be available. Please contact markilux for more information.


Operation of the awning depends on the awning model fitted to the syncra frame system.



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