Pergola: markilux pergola -
Shade: extensive.
Demands: high.
Solution: found.

The markilux pergola ranks top when it comes to solar and weather protection. The awning system on slender posts and lateral guide tracks provides generous shading with an extension of up to 6 metres. The markilux pergola defies wind and weather up to beaufort 6 (48 km/h). No matter how strong the sun shines or the wind blows, with your markilux pergola you can enjoy life outdoors at any time. The markilux pergola offers two versions, the 110 with two fixed posts and the 210 with one fixed and one vertically adjustable post to increase pitch on one side.






Shadeplus as optional protection from a low sun – up to 230 cm high. Markilux pergola tracfix for safe and precise lateral fabric guidance and a closed neat appearance. In the case of a pergola 210 an adjustable post will be supplied to Stainless steel winding handle in the case of a pergola with an adjustable post (pergola 210).


You can make this awning your own with markilux’s shadeplus, tracfix, an array of lighting options and various posts. Shadeplus is the name of the extendable valance attached to the front profile of the pergola. The optional tracfix system is a zip system used to hold the fabric into the lateral guide tracks. This eliminates any light-gap between the fabric and the tracks and gives the product a neat, closed look. An LED line can be fitted to the guide tracks or to a cross beam called the cover support tube. LED spotlights can also be fitted to the cover support tube.


All covers from the current markilux fabric collection this includes all the folding arm awning and screen fabrics. Please check available sizes with your distributor or markilux.


Maximum width: 500 cm with a maximum projection of 600 cm.
Maximum width: 600 cm with a maximum projection of 450 cm.

Alternative sizes may be available. Please contact markilux for more information.


The markilux pergola 110 and 210 come with a hard-wired motor as the standard operation type. Optionally available is a wireless motor with a markilux remote control.


The cassette of the markilux pergola can be mounted directly on the wall or onto the markilux syncra. The front posts can either be fixed into a concrete foundation or with a screw foundation.

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