Free standing awnings: markilux construct -
System: Modular.
Design: Flexible.
Size: Infinite.

There are situations where a standard model is not enough to meet your requirements. In these situations, a modular combinable frame system is required. The frame system markilux construct is extremely versatile and flexible. Different modules unite with different awnings to create a variable awning landscape. You don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to size, and the range of available accessories is impressive.






The modular frame system RS-2 is based on the support post system of the markilux syncra series. A sturdy clamping ring is used to fix various elements to the frame system posts, round or square. Supporting elements can thus be engaged and connected with each other. This way, rectangular or square areas can be shaded with a mixture of markilux awnings.


Different conservatory and folding arm awnings are possible and can be combined with vertical blinds or side screens, according to your wishes. Clamping rings can be positioned at any height on the support columns which can be round or square.


Perfect sun and weather protection tailored to any size with a multitude of awning models, covers and additional features. Different awning models by markilux, such as the conservatory awning, combined with the pergola system and the folding arm awnings, and additional adjacent vertical or side screen awnings. Many different options for shading generous areas.


Modular and flexible

Field width up to 700 cm and maximum column height of 450 cm.