Semi-Cassette Awnings

In case of the semi-cassette awnings, cover and roller are protected by a encompassing coverboard. The awnings are open at the bottom.

Your advantages:
Protection from above: cover and roller are well protected from dirt and rain.

  • Modern and timeless design
  • Colourful variety of colour and material combinations
Semi-Cassette Awnings: markilux 1650 jellybean lifestyle -

Use: all-seasonal.
Function: perfect.
Evening: nice.

The markilux 1650 jellybean lifestyle is nearly identical to the markilux 1600 jellybean, there is however one striking difference; the 1650 features LED spotlights in the front profile.
This awning...
markilux 1650 jellybean lifestyle
Semi-Cassette Awnings: markilux 1600 jellybean -

Award: won.
Beauty: all-seasonal.
Limits: almost none.

This awning was awarded the IF product design award for its harmonious, semi-circular design. As a semi-cassette awning, the markilux 1600 jellybean is open to the bottom and still looks unique when it’s...
markilux 1600 jellybean

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