Cassette awnings: markilux MX-1 galaxy -
Design: conspicious.
Size: new dimensions.
Take place: anywhere.

Even at first glance, the markilux MX-1 Galaxy makes an immediate impact with its unique mix of shape and functionality. Retracted, the tapered full cassette with a depth of 62 cm makes a deep impression on the observer as a weather-proof canopy that protects your awning from the effects of the weather. When extended the markilux MX-1 Galaxy shows its true magnitude. This, the ultimate in designer awnings, is a pioneer due to the numerous technological innovations it incorporates and its multi-award winning design. The markilux MX-1 Galaxy creates an unparalleled atmosphere any time of the day, which will charm you again and again, today and in the future.




The MX-1 creates a canopy by itself whether to protect anyone or anything underneath it or whether to just protect itself the full canopy will be visible. The arms use the innovative bionic tendon for optimal power transference at the elbow joint, this ensures noiseless and corrosion free movement of the folding arms.


The MX-1 Galaxy has the most customisation options of all the markilux awnings. To start off with the panel in the front profile is available in five contrasting colours. There are numerous lighting options like an LED line or LED spotlights on the inside of the front profile, LED spotlights in the canopy and an LED line behind the front panel in the front profile. A markilux shadeplus (drop down valance in the front profile) adds protection from glare or a low sun.


All covers from the current markilux folding arm awning collection, this means the sunvas snc, sunsilk snc and the visutex ranges.


Maximum width: 700 cm
Maximum projection: 437 cm

Alternative sizes may be available. Please contact markilux for more information.



The standard operation type for the MX-1 Galaxy is a radio-controlled motor with a markilux 4-channel remote control. Optionally a hard-wired motor is available to connect the awning to a home automation system.



What can an awning
do for me?
Patio and Balcony

Creating new opportunities to enjoy life.

From protection on hot days to a perfect ambience, even when the sun has set, markilux awnings allow you to relax outdoors at any time of day.

Patio and Balcony

UV-protection you can count on.

Australians love being outdoors whether it’s a barbeque with the family or watching sports with your best friends. Markilux can provide you with UV-protection all year round. Protect your skin with care, all markilux awning covers made from sunsilk or sunvas offer a UPF of 50+.


Patio and Balcony

More space for the summer.

Redefining the summer residence. Extending the house – adding sunny rooms and making space for shade, preferrably outside. Inventing islands for recreation and relaxation: perfect with markilux.

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