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It’s the colour and quality of the awning fabric which can make or break the purchase of an awning. Depending on what fabric you choose the brightness, the hue, the shade of the colour, the pattern and the texture will help to create that unique special effect. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality awning fabrics and with almost 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of textiles, markilux has an unparalleled variety on offer. The markilux textile design team are constantly developing new patterns in line with the latest trends, which nonetheless are characterised by their timeless nature. With 250+ different patterns in various coordinated themes and styles you are certain to find the perfect fabric to suit you needs.


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sunsilk | the brilliant

Sunsilk snc (swela nano clean) is a milestone in external textile development. Taking inspiration from the properties of the lotus plant, markilux developed a finish that mimics its nano clean effect.

sunvas | the traditional

In further tradition of technological innovation, markilux now offers sunvas snc (swela nano clean) fabric. sunvas is a 100% polyester based yarn that creates a soft textured feel.

visutex | the exclusive

The Visutex Collection combines textured weaves in plains and stripes from the Sunvas and Sunsilk fabric range.

transolair | the transparent
especially for shadeplus and vertical blinds

Sunvas transolair is a 100% polyester based fabric, which due to a special perforating technique provides a perfect balance in transparency to maximise your view and still manage the heat and glare.

vuscreen alu | the reflecting

Vuscreen alu is a high-tech 100% polyester screen fabric utilising the reflective properties of aluminium particles which are woven into the yarn.
vuscreen alu

sunsilk perla FR | the flame retardant

sunsilk perla FR is a high-quality awning fabric based on the innovative, high-tech fabric sunsilk snc including a fire rating finish.
sunsilk perla FR

sunvas perla | the impermeable

To complement the sunvas collection, markilux now offers sunvas perla with increased waterproofing. sunvas perla is a 100% polyester based fabric with a transparent acrylate coating on one side.
sunvas perla

perfotex | the functional

Markilux' tried and trusted perfotex alu fabric for conservatory & pergola awnings has been given a new lease of life by combining the high-tech sunsilk polyester fabric with a revolutionary aluminium pigmentation finish which improves heat reflection giving a cooler environment under your awning.

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