Tracfix: markilux 779 / 879 - The underglass awning markilux 779 / 879 offers technology at its best for small and large glass areas. Special gas­tensioned springs tension the cover really well. Noise­optimised retraction gliders also make the retraction and extension operation very quiet. A graceful awning, which matches every glass roofing and under which you can really enjoy the summer evening in a variable, atmospheric light system.
markilux 779 / 879 tracfix | tensioned underglass

Markilux has once again managed to impress with a unique combination of purist design and ground-breaking technology. With the new underglass awning markilux 879 you are opting for a better quality of life, that will give you pleasure for many years to come.
Permanently high cover tension is achieved by way of two special gas-piston mechanisms in the front profile which operate independently of one another. 
The markilux 879 is very quiet - the slides in the guide tracks have been optimised to reduce noise. 
The blind is optionally available with tracfix - which lends an appealing closed appearance without an annoying gap between the cover and the guide tracks.





With a cassette height of only 130 mm in the round and 125 mm in the square version, the underglass awning is particularly compact. Two independently operating gas-pistons provide a permanently high fabric tension, this ensures a taut cover even in light wind. A tear resistant transportation belt ensures the fabric extends and retracts effortlessly and smoothly. Ball bearing mounted deflection rollers lower resistance for an extremely smooth operation.


The optional tracfix system is a zip system used to hold the fabric into the lateral guide tracks. This eliminates any light-gap between the fabric and the tracks and gives the product a neat, closed look. Various lighting options are available. An LED line can be fitted to the guide tracks or to a cross beam called the cover support tube. LED spotlights can also be fitted to the cover support tube and to the cassette in the case of a square (779) cassette.


All covers from the current markilux fabric collection this includes all the folding arm awning and screen fabrics. Please check availability and sizes with your distributor or markilux.


Maximum width: 600 cm at a maximum projection of 450 cm
Maximum width: 400 cm at a maximum projection of 600 cm

tracfix dimensions

Maximum width: 600 cm with a maximum projection of 400 cm

Alternative sizes may be available. Please contact markilux for more information.



The markilux 779/879 conservatory comes with a gearbox with winding handle as the standard operation type. Optionally a hard-wired motor is available also available is a wireless motor with a markilux remote control. In the case of tracfix units the 779/879 will always be delivered with a motor.



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