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Always get the right size

Markilux will always send out an awning fitter to take the exact measurements. This way you do not have to worry if you are getting the measurements right.


N.B! The order dimensions are fixture width + overhang L + overhang R x extension [cm] Overall width = fixture width + overhang L + overhang R Overall extension = nominal extension + 9 cm Die Führungsschienen sind bis zu 100 cm einrückbar - Differenz bei Asymmetrie maximal 40 cm. General information regarding the fabrics used to make the markilux 8850 Covers for the markilux 8850 are made using a special, stabilising production method. For this reason the panel widths used are the following: sunsilk, sunvas, perfotex and perla FR approx. 60 cm; Soltis 92 approx. 88,5 cm. In the case of striped fabrics the fabric pattern cannot be matched at every other seam. If the markilux 8850 is installed at a flat pitch, covers made of markilux awning material (perfotex forms the exception) should have water drainage eyelets inserted. Please put an appropriate cross on the order form if these are required. N.B! From an extension of 351 cm the cover may sag during extension and retraction. The awning cover may come into contact with the conservatory roof in wet and windy conditions or if the cover exceeds 16 m².


Fabric samples

Finding the right fabric is paramount when personalizing your awning. We can help you make the right choices. Let us show you all the fabrics.

Frame and colors

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Operations and controls



The motor is used for an easy and convenient operation.
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Radio-contr. motor + mx 1 ch. transm.

The markilux hand-held remote control (1 channel) allows you to operate your awning comfortably at the touch of a button. The attractive shape and ergonomic design characterise this elegant and easily operated hand-held remote control.
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Operation side

The operation side is seen from the outside in front of the awning.


Additional controls

The 4 channel hand-held remote control allows you to operate additional functions like the radiant heater. The io-remote controls can additionally control further product groups and products.
Additional controls
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markilux 8850

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