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markilux awnings are not only limited to fixed structures they can be free-standing if there is no building to fix them to. This page shows the various specific products markilux manufactures. We cater to even the most challenging projects.

Pergola: markilux pergola -

Shade: extensive.
Demands: high.
Solution: found.

The markilux pergola ranks top when it comes to solar and weather protection. The awning system on slender posts and lateral guide tracks provides generous shading with an extension of up to 6 metres. The...
markilux pergola
Syncra: markilux syncra 2 fix  -

Concept: wings.
Aesthetics: perfect.
Options: heavenly.

The perfect free-standing sun- and weather protection for large areas: the markilux syncra 2 fix rests on two round or square posts which are firmly bolted into concrete footings. The awnings can be extended...
markilux syncra 2 fix
Syncra: markilux syncra 2 flex  -

Location: anywhere.
Protection: generous.
Beauty: guaranteed.

The markilux syncra promises generous shading right where you need it. As a single unit up to 60 m²; as a coupled unit even larger areas are no problem. This free-standing awning literally stands on its own...
markilux syncra 2 flex
Planet: markilux planet -

Classic parasol: no.
Classic awning: no.
Shade: simply perfect.

The markilux planet is a parasol and an awning in one. It’s an eye catcher that provides perfect shade to your outdoor area. The awning parasol protects you from solar radiation with exceptional reliability...
markilux planet
Conservatory awnings: markilux 8850  -

markilux 8850 | conservatory

If you have a custom conservatory you may find it hard to find a shading solution to properly cover your area. To tackle this problem, markilux has come up with a solution which is the 8850. On the 8850 the...
markilux 8850
Triangular Sunshade: markilux 893 -

markilux 893 | triangular

The markilux 893 masters the exception to the rule: triangular windows or skylights get a tailor-made shade. The triangular blind can be attached on the outside or inside; vertically, horizontally or at an...
markilux 893

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