Vibrabox Protezione contro il vento.
Automatic retraction of your markilux in windy conditions is now less obtrusive. A motion sensor in the front profile of the awning retracts it in high winds.
markilux súper-sombra
Protect yourself from a low afternoon sun with the added vertical blind within the front profile of your markilux awning
infra-red heater
The markilux infra-red heater ensures a comfortable temperature so you can enjoy your al fresco area at all times.
markilux LED line en el perfil frontal
markilux LED line
markilux LED line in the front profile
markilux spotline LED
markilux spotline LED
Markilux awnings have the ability to add stylish lighting options which are integrated into your awning or as a separately mounted spotline (light bar) creating your perfect outdoor living room when the sun goes down. LED spot lights with dimmable...
markilux Illuminazione ambiente LED sul profilo frontale
markilux LED ambient lighting
markilux LED ambient lighting in the front Profile